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​How to put a makeup to the test?

​Many people are not accustomed to wearing heavy makeup. A makeup is like a very fancy party dress with high heel shoes. It can enhance beauty, but you have to know how to ware it!


I strongly suggest to have a trial makeup before the wedding, thereby testing not only the makeup but the makeup artist as well. Choose a special occasion like a formal party and have a pro makeup artist prepare a makeup for you.

That way you can get accustomed to how it feels to wear heavy makeup and check out the work of the makeup artist at the same time. Don’t wait till your wedding day to put on makeup just like don’t wait till the last day to try on your high heels.

Don’t be stingy! Pay a pro not a wannabe…


I cannot understand how brides are willing to spend thousands of dollars for their wedding and then try to save 20 dollars by finding a cheap solution for their bridal makeup.

A bad makeup will haunt you for years, when you look at your wedding photos. But a good makeup will accentuate the natural beauty of a woman’s face and hide the small blemishes IF it is done right.

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