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bridal makeup
Preparation before the wedding: When should I see a beauty therapist?

If you have skin problems you should consult a beauty therapist at least 6 months prior to your wedding day. A good treatment can do wonders but it takes time. On a nice skin you can have a much nicer makeup. So do not neglect skincare.

Eyebrows are also extremely important as they give a distinct character to the face. If the shape of your eyebrow is not good I can correct it in 6 months’ time but not in two days.


One month before the wedding day I suggest you have your facial and a moisturising treatment by a professional. One week before the wedding the bride should choose a rejuvenation treatment if possible.

It might be beneficial to have the eyelashes extended. Do not leave that for the last second either. There are excellent, new techniques to reach natural yet beautiful looks for the extended eyelashes, but they need special attention for at least two days after applying them.

What should I do if my makeup artist is not a beauty therapist?

My guests are lucky because I can provide both professional beauty therapy and makeup for them. Unfortunately many makeup “artists” lack the real knowledge or training in the trade. Paying for a few days crash course and purchasing a makeup brush set does not make one a makeup artist.

It is very important that the beauty therapist and the makeup artist communicate with each other but the bride can find herself in a very uncomfortable situation if she is caught up in a disagreement. And the makeup artist can be in a fix as well if a well-meaning colleague ruins an eyebrow shape just days before the wedding.


Consult your makeup artist at least 6 months prior to your wedding day.

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