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How about the groom?

Yes gentleman, it may sound strange, but you will need makeup too. (Unless you want to look on the pictures like a shiny bowling ball.)

No worries, you will not lose your masculinity if a makeup brush touches you. But a wedding and a marriage is about two people. And let’s be honest, a sweaty and shiny face does not complement your lovely lady, who is wearing beautiful makeup.

You will notice makeup on a man if it is not done properly. People will also notice it if it is missing. A proper makeup on a man will give a perfectly natural look. Remember the photo-flash is merciless.


​How should I choose my makeup artist?


It is really convenient if your makeup artist is also a beauty technician. (See the wedding prep tips above.)

Take a close look at the photos and references of your makeup artist. (Although a few good pictures will not guarantee you quality work on your wedding day.) If someone like me was working with photographers, TV stations and big beauty magazines for a good while you can expect great results.

Price should not be the deciding factor!

Or in a way it should because if a makeup is too cheap you should be suspicious. When you spend literally thousands of dollars on a wedding do not try to save 20 or 30 dollars with your makeup.

It is just not worth it.

For a Barossa Bride or Brides of Adelaide

So if you are a prospective Barossa Bride or a Bride of Adelaide or you are just simply looking for a Makeup Artist in Adelaide book today a free, 15 minutes consultation. Hope to see you soon. And for the big day, as part of the mobile service we can arrange the location which is most suitable for you.

What else?

Be mindful what clothes you put on before you go to your hairdresser and makeup artist. (I knew several brides whose clothes were removed with scissors because they were unlucky enough to grab a tight, buttonless top before showing up at the hairdresser.

A thorough makeup artist will apply foundation on the shoulders, arms, back, and décolleté if need be. One more reason why a tight top is a bad idea.



​A good makeup does not and on your chin. It has to build a bridge between your face and clothes. It has to accentuate the jewellery. So don’t forget to put on a loose top with buttons or a zipper that can be easily removed.


Also it is a good idea to purchase a very good quality makeup remover. Professional makeup materials are stronger than the ones intended for everyday use, therefore it is harder to get rid of them. It is worth the investment so you can clean your face after the wedding.

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