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Sunlight? Solarium?​

I would strongly suggest to avoid sun tanning and solarium as the wedding approaches. I have seen too many unfortunate brides, who panicked because they thought that their skin was too white, and consequently showed up with a serious sunburn, irritation or allergy for their bridal makeup.

Sunbathing if overdone dehydrates the skin and can weaken the immune system resulting in cold sores and other nasty problems. It’s the last thing that we need on the wedding or the honeymoon. If you do want to get a suntan plan ahead and do it reasonably and in moderation. Your skin will be thankful.

If you still feel you are too white consult your beauty therapist for alternative solutions (airbrush, spray tan etc.)

Ask yourself: am I ready for change?

A bridal makeup is more like a glamour makeup, not like the everyday light makeup we are accustomed to. For your wedding day you need stronger makeup. And since most of my clients are not cover girls in their day to day life it takes a bit of getting used to.

If you are set in your ways and you are not willing to have any other makeup on than the exact same thing that you have been wearing for 15 years, than you do not need a makeup artist. But let me warn you. The colours and the intensity which is OK for day to day life is not OK for stage, a TV studio or a photos shoot, or good morning, yes, for your wedding day.

If you consult a professional makeup artist, you have to be willing to take their advice. A pro will know what will look good on the photographs.

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